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Don’t Pay Twice for the Same Repair

How one shop’s inexperience with an Audi A8 backfired for the customer

The only thing worse than paying for a repair on your vehicle is paying to do it again a second time.

Such was the case last month with one of our clients. He brought his 2005 Audi A8 in for general service but mentioned that he needed to top off his oil more than usual.

What Did We Find?

Leaking water pump Audi A8 | VFC Engineering Chicago ILWe inspected the car and saw that the camshaft seals were leaking oil all over the timing belt. The timing belt (and water pump) had been replaced previously by another shop, and the seals should have been changed at that time. But they weren’t, and because they had allowed oil to leak onto the timing belt, that also needed to be replaced.

Once we got into the job, we also saw that the water pump was seeping coolant, a dead giveaway that it was on borrowed time.

Because it takes 2 hours just to get to the timing belt and another hour to remove the water pump, we advised the client to replace the water pump now—rather than risk another major repair a few months down the road.

If you’re keeping track, the original repair failed because the other shop didn’t replace the seals. And now the lower quality water pump they used was failing. Not to mention, the engine timing wasn’t quite right because it had been set by “eyeballing” two timing marks, instead of using the special Audi timing tool.

What Does This Mean to You?

Some repair shops cut corners or use lower quality parts to keep costs lower for the customer. But in this case, the decision not to recommend new seals on a 7-year-old car with 87,000 miles came back to haunt the client.

Here’s what you need to know about us: German carmakers do things the right way no matter what. We are the same way when it comes to repairs. We’re fanatical about doing the job the 100 percent correctly, the first time, every time.

We buy OEM parts for every repair. We have two 8-ft. racks and a roll-away toolbox stocked with specialty tools. We replace all of the seals, hoses, and other parts that could potentially fail on you.

This is why we confidently stand behind our repairs with a 3-year/36-month repair warranty.

When you think about the cost of your next major repair, be sure to ask yourself: What’s it worth to me to have this job done “the German way” the first time?

Here’s to This NOT Happening to You,

Doug & Zach
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