Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Car

Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Car

Spring is finally here! While you likely give your house or apartment a thorough spring cleaning, why not do the same thing for your car? At VFC Engineering, we understand the importance of a car both looking and running its best. Spring cleaning your car is an easy task to incorporate into your car’s annual maintenance routine; a little bit of work can go a long way! If you notice that you need professional maintenance, feel free to visit us for Audi service in Chicago.

Swap Out Tires

If you had winter tires on your car, make sure to swap them out for all-season tires. Driving with winter tires on warm pavement can cause a lot of damage to your car. There is a rubber compound on winter tires that wears down quickly. Easily swap your winter tires for all-season tires and drive with confidence.

Check Under the Hood

Underneath your hood is where a lot of dirt and grime can easily compile and cause mechanical issues. While you are cleaning underneath the hood, make sure that the engine is turned off and all battery cables are removed. You should also clean the engine compartment with soap and water, but be sure to dry off your engine to make sure that water doesn’t damage any sensitive areas.

Clean the Inside & Outside

To finish the spring cleaning of your vehicle, clean both the inside and the outside. On the inside, remove the floor mats to vacuum underneath them. Remove any trash and wipe down the dashboard and other dusty areas. On the exterior, wash and wax your car to make it feel like new once again!

If you’re in need of Audi service in Chicago, please contact our team at VFC Engineering today!

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