Parts and Warranty

When it comes to routine maintenance or Chicago Volkswagen repairs, we prioritize using only OEM (original equipment manufacturer) replacement parts for your vehicle. Volkswagen offers multiple lines of parts, ranging from good to better and best quality. If the standard OEM part doesn't meet our high standards, we will opt for the higher-quality parts line.

Moreover, we provide an exceptional warranty on all repairs for 3 years or 36,000 miles. Our warranty reflects our dedication to excellence and our confidence in the OEM Volkswagen parts we use, as well as the top-notch service we provide. This warranty is another compelling reason to choose our service center for your German auto repair needs in Chicago.

Maintenance is Key for Volkswagen

Maintenance is crucial when it comes to getting the most out of your German automobile—and Volkswagen is no exception. If you neglect regular maintenance for your Volkswagen, the costs for repairs can quickly accumulate. Conversely, by properly caring for your vehicle, you can help ensure it runs reliably and remains affordable for an extended period.

At our service center, our highly-trained, expert Volkswagen technicians are committed to keeping your vehicle running with the precision and performance you can expect from this renowned brand.

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Volkswagen - A Legacy of Quality Engineering

Founded in 1937, Volkswagen has a rich history of excellence and innovation. Over the years, Volkswagen has become synonymous with superior engineering and groundbreaking advancements. The iconic Volkswagen logo, having gone through several iterations, has always included a V and W enclosed within a circle.

Throughout its journey, Volkswagen has consistently delivered exceptional vehicles. From the Beetle to the Golf and beyond, Volkswagen has established itself as an upscale brand, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with its German counterparts. Today, Volkswagen's commitment to innovation has resulted in multiple world records and a significant resurgence in the American market.

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The Significance of Regular Volkswagen Service

Just like you prioritize proper nutrition and regular exercise for a healthy life, your Volkswagen requires regular service and maintenance to ensure peak performance and longevity.

Your vehicle consists of various intricate systems designed to function correctly, both individually and in harmony with one another. Each system contains multiple components and fluids. Given that fluids degrade over time and parts wear out, it becomes essential to monitor the health of these components and systems to keep your Volkswagen running smoothly.

By adhering to the recommended service intervals, you can maximize your Volkswagen's performance and minimize the need for extensive repairs. This is why we highly recommend scheduling routine service appointments with our certified VW mechanics in Chicago, IL.

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Servicing Your Volkswagen

When you bring your Volkswagen to VFC, you can expect a range of services tailored to Volkswagen vehicles, including:

Front Suspension Inspection
Volkswagens, especially their upper control arms, are prone to front suspension issues. The original front suspension arms from the factory typically last between 40,000 to 60,000 miles. Factors like poor road conditions and frequent parallel parking contribute to premature wear. To address this, we utilize higher-grade OEM replacement upper control arms that generally have a lifespan of 60,000 to 80,000 miles.

Oil Change
Our recommendation for oil changes is every 5,000 miles or 5 months, and we exclusively use synthetic oil with additives specifically engineered for Volkswagen engines. This is vital because Volkswagen engines have engine seals made from natural rubber. Delaying oil changes or using the wrong oil can lead to rubber deterioration and oil leaks.
Fuel Filter
If your Volkswagen has a diesel engine, we strongly advise replacing the fuel filter annually due to the generally poor quality of diesel fuel in the Midwest. For gasoline engines, the fuel filter is integrated into the fuel pump and isn’t serviceable separately.

Why Choose VFC for Your Chicago VW Repair

The primary reason to choose VFC Engineering is our unparalleled understanding of German vehicles. We have a track record of building and winning championships with German race cars, making us exceptionally qualified to work on German automobiles. If we can keep the brakes, suspension, and engine cooling systems performing flawlessly under extreme racing conditions, rest assured, we can ensure your Volkswagen runs smoothly as you journey along the Edens.

At VFC, you'll find expertise, real-world experience, and an unwavering commitment to perfection. Additionally, our services can save you up to 20-30% compared to a Volkswagen dealership. It's important to note that the cost of repairs and maintenance can vary based on the specific procedure, vehicle age, mileage, and overall condition.

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