Parts and Warranty

When we perform routine maintenance or Audi repairs in Chicago, we use only OEM, or original equipment, replacement parts on your vehicle. In many cases, the OEM parts makers have multiple lines for the same part - good, better, and best quality. If the standard OEM part does not perform to our standards, we will use the higher quality parts line.

Lastly, we guarantee all repairs for 3 years or 36,000 miles. Our warranty is among the best in the business and reflects our commitment to excellence and our confidence in the OEM Audi parts and high-quality service we provide. This is just one more reason to bring your audi vehicle into our service center when you need an auto repair in Chicago.

One common theme for all German automobiles is maintenance, maintenance, and (you guessed it) maintenance. If you are not diligent about maintaining your Audi, the repair costs will quickly add up. Conversely, when you care for your vehicle, your Audi will run reliably and last for a very long time - and it will remain affordable.

Our team of highly-trained, expert Audi technicians will help keep your vehicle running with the precision and performance you can expect from this legendary automobile.

Audi - A History of Excellence and Innovation

Technically founded in 1885 as the Wanderer, the company that is now known as Audi was officially born in April 1910. During these early years, Audi was touted as an example of superior engineering and innovation. After merging with three other companies in 1928, Audi adopted their iconic logo of the four interlocking rings.

Continually dedicated to reliability and excellence, with the release of the Audi V8 in the 1980’s, Audi made its debut into the prestige vehicle market. This allowed Audi to begin competing with the likes of BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Continuing innovations have led Audi to become known internationally as an upscale brand, on par with its German counterparts. Coming up to the present day, these innovations have contributed to success on the racetrack, including seven world records, and a resurgence in the American market.

The Importance of Routine Audi Service

If you want to live a full, healthy life, you know you need to focus on proper nutrition and regular exercise. Similarly, your Audi requires proper service and maintenance to continue running at peak performance and to experience longevity.

Your vehicle is comprised of many different systems, each one required to perform correctly - both individually and symbiotically with the others. Each of these systems contains multiple components and fluids. Now, because we know that fluids break down and parts fail, if you want to keep your Audi running at its best, it is essential to monitor the health of these individual parts, fluids, and systems.

When you commit to maintaining the multitude of parts, components, and systems along the predetermined mileage intervals, you will maximize your Audi’s performance and minimize necessary repairs. This is why we recommend bringing your vehicle in to our certified Audi mechanics for Audi service in Chicago on a regular basis.

Servicing Your Audi

When you bring your Audi in to VFC, in addition to the services recommended for all German vehicles, your Audi will benefit from:

  • Front Suspension Inspection - Audis are prone to front suspension issues, especially the upper control arms. The original front suspension arms from the factory tend to have a life of 40,000 to 60,000 miles. The fact that we have poor roads and often need to parallel park contributes to this premature wear. The replacement upper control arms we use are a higher-grade OEM part, and they typically last 60,000 to 80,000 miles.
  • An Oil Change - We recommend an oil change every 5,000 miles or 5 months, and we only use synthetic oil with additives specifically engineered for Audi engines. This is critical because the engine seals in Audis are made from natural rubber. Delaying your oil change, or using the wrong oil will cause the rubber to deteriorate and lead to oil leaks. We often see valve cover leaks in Audis or failed vacuum pumps, which provide additional vacuum to the brake booster.
  • Fuel Filter - If you have a diesel engine, we recommend replacing the fuel filter annually because the quality of diesel fuel in the Midwest is generally poor. If you have a gasoline engine, the fuel filter isn’t serviceable because it’s built into the fuel pump.

Why You Should Choose VFC

The main reason you should choose VFC Engineering is because we understand German vehicles better than anyone. We build German race cars and we have won two championships, making us uniquely qualified to work on German vehicles. If we can keep the brakes, suspension, and engine cooling systems performing under extreme racing conditions, we can certainly keep your Audi purring as you head north on the Edens.

If you are looking for expertise, real-world experience, and a commitment to perfection, you will find it at VFC. Additionally, we will save you as much as 20-30% compared to an Audi dealership. Of course, the cost of repairs and maintenance vary by procedure, vehicle age, mileage, and overall condition.