When you bring your vehicle into our German car repair shop in Chicago, you can rely on our team of experts to perform all necessary maintenance and auto repairs. This means your German auto will be running smoothly and at peak performance when you leave our shop. To that end, we recommend these basic services for all makes and models of German cars - whether you drive an Audi, BMW, or Porsche 911.

Brake Fluid Flush

Have we mentioned that the air in Chicago is laden with moisture and humidity? This excessive moisture can cause a lot of problems with your car’s braking system. We recommend having your brake fluid flushed every 2 years (regardless of mileage) or every 10,000 miles to prevent a soft, mushy pedal and corrosion of the brake system from the inside out—your caliper, brake lines, even the ABS module.

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Cabin Air Filter

We recommend changing the cabin air filter once a year. This ensures you and your passengers are breathing clean air when you’re in the vehicle with the windows up. When possible, we use a high-quality activated charcoal-style filter that cleans the air and also prevents mold and mildew buildup.

Engine Air Filter

We recommend a new engine air filter every other year. Additionally, depending on availability, we’ll upgrade you to a cold weather or severe duty filter. (The filters they use in Arizona and California, for example, are thinner.)

If you live in the city and do not drive your car that often, you may think that you can wait longer before replacing your air filter. However, we don’t recommend this if the vehicle is parked outside. Why? Because the air filter is still subjected to rain, cold and all the environmental elements, like high humidity, and this takes a toll on your filter.

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Induction Cleaning

Most modern engines have a direct-injected fuel system, which leads to a lot of carbon buildup on the valves and in the engine cylinders. This carbon needs to be cleaned or removed on a regular basis to ensure proper air flow and peak engine performance. We recommend an induction cleaning every 18 months or 10,000 miles to enhance performance, increase fuel efficiency, extend engine life, and reduce harmful emissions.

Transmission Service

We do not typically recommend a transmission fluid change for Audis, BMWs, or Volkswagens. Because we can monitor internal fluid pressure through our scan tool, we can see at a glance if everything is functioning normally or if there’s any sign of a looming repair. Recommendations for Mercedes, Minis, and Porsche vary depending on the model.

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If your car is in need of repair or maintenance, and you are looking for an auto repair shop that provides the highest level of service, we invite you to schedule an appointment today.