The BMW name immediately brings to mind luxury and precise engineering, and these vehicles require the special attention you might expect a high precision vehicle to need. Regular maintenance is key to BMW longevity and peak engine performance. At VFC Engineering, we offer unparalleled service, high-quality OEM parts, and one of the best warranties available in the industry - 3 years or 36,000 miles.

The History of the BMW Brand

After having gone through several name changes due to parts manufacturers, BMW (English translation - Bavarian Motor Works) began in 1916 as BFW (English Translation - Bavarian Airplane Works). The following year they began utilizing the now famous logo featuring the Bavarian state colors, blue and white, on their motorcycles. Automobiles didn’t hit the assembly line until 1928, and even then production was focused on armament and aircrafts.

Finally in 1962, BMW released the 1500 model, re-establishing the company as a modern car manufacturer. Now there are plants around the world, as well as museums, showcasing the rich history of BMW and its various forays into transportation production.

BMW Maintenance & Service

Properly caring for your bimmer can be costly, but much less so when you keep up a regular maintenance schedule. At VFC Engineering, we can help keep service and auto repair costs in check by fixing things right the first time. Additionally, because we have extensive experience working on BMW’s, we know what common problems they tend to have and what we need to keep in stock. This helps cut overhead prices for us, leaving savings we can pass on to you

Stellar Service Every Time

If you are in need of BMW repair in Chicago, IL, our skilled German auto mechanics provide everything your bimmer needs to get you back on the road quickly and without issue. Our team can handle everything from BMW hybrid repair to complete engine rebuilds. Additionally, because your BMW requires a different maintenance schedule than other vehicles, we make a point to perform preventative service according to the stringent BMW standards to help you avoid costly repairs in the first place.

Every 5,000 Miles

When you bring your BMW in for a normal oil change, we will also perform checks on the engine and transmission, as well as checking for any oil or fuel pump problems. While we love BMW cars for their amazing engineering, performance and luxury, we also know what areas to keep a watchful eye on.

We Know German Cars

When you bring in your BMW for maintenance or repairs, you can rest assured it will be checked and handled with the utmost care. We specialize in caring for German vehicles because we understand the complex engineering and specialized details that make them completely different from domestic vehicles. We will do everything necessary to ensure your BMW leaves our shop in tip-top condition -  and we take pride in fulfilling that promise.

Here at VFC Engineering, we love German cars, and we are proud to share that passion with you when you put your trust in us. So if you find yourself searching for “BMW ac repair near me,” or something similar, give us a call to schedule an appointment or stop in today.