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How Cold Weather Impacts Your Car

With cold temperatures on the horizon once again, it’s important to consider how the low temperatures can take a toll on your car. Our team knows that many people start visiting us for VW service in Chicago once the weather turns cold, so naturally, we want to provide you with some helpful tips!

Keep an Eye on Your Battery

When the temperatures are extremely low, your car’s battery is at risk of freezing. While the temperatures need to be drastically low in order for this to happen, even a seemingly mild 32 degrees can cause problems for your battery. Make sure your battery’s connections stay clean and if you notice that your car hasn’t been started in a few cold days, take it for a quick spin around the neighborhood.

Watch for Flat Tires

Cool temperatures inside of your car’s tires will cause them to contract and develop low tire pressure. These effects can also stem into problems like slipping on ice because your tires aren’t full enough. A simple gauge check can help make sure this is a non-issue.

Monitor Oil

Did you know that your car’s oil can get thick when it’s cold outside? For example, if it’s in the negatives, your oil may become so soupy and syrupy that it cannot properly circulate throughout the engine. Our team will make sure that your oil is suited for cold temperatures when you visit us for VW service in Chicago.

Staying one step ahead of developing problems is always a good idea, and it can save you money in the long run. Contact our staff at VFC Engineering if you’re interested in a quick tune-up before winter!

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