German Car Maintenance Chicago

Essential German Car Maintenance Tips

Having a German car is something of which you should be proud. While it’s important to care for your car regardless of the type that it is, German cars require a special level of care and maintenance to help keep them running smoothly year-round. From Porsche to MINI to BMW service in Chicago, our team at VFC Engineering understands how to best care for your vehicle.

Check on the Battery

Your car’s battery is especially sensitive to weather and preventative care. Make sure that your battery has a tight connection and there isn’t any surrounding corrosion. If you aren’t sure to check on how old your car’s battery is, there should be a date stamp somewhere on the top that is easy to see. Gel AGM batteries are in many German cars, including in many BMW’s and Mercedes vehicles; this type of battery typically lasts 5-7 years, however, they give a minimal warning when they are nearing the end of their lifespan.

Keep Parts Lubricated

Keeping your car’s parts fully lubricated is essential in preserving its lifespan. Fresh oil is helpful in keeping the inside of your car protected from wearing down at a quicker rate. Don’t ignore oil changes! Our team can help provide you with high-quality oil to keep your German car running at peak performance.

Check Your Tires

You wouldn’t be able to get anywhere without high-quality tires. Quality tires are the only thing that stands between your car’s frame and the road. Don’t settle for simple visual inspections, as they aren’t always the most reliable. Many German cars also have rear wheels that sit at an angle to help them navigate corners seamlessly. However, this reduces the tire tread and makes them wear down quicker.

When in doubt, visit our team at VFC Engineering for MINI, Porsche, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Audi and BMW repairs in Chicago.

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