Common Problems and Repairs for BMW M3

You probably love your BMW M3, a stylish and reliable automobile, but like any vehicle, over time things wear out and need replacement. If your BMW M3 is giving you problems and you need BMW service in Chicago, there’s absolutely no better place to go for your service than VFC Engineering, where anything short of perfection is a failure.

For BMW M3 owners, here are some of the more common problems you’re likely to encounter.

  • Vanos unit failure – This unit advances and retards the timing at certain RPMs to boost mileage and power. When the unit’s seals wear out, fuel consumption goes up. A unit with upgraded seals should be installed.
  • Power steering hose leaks ­– Leaks sometimes develop in these hoses, and they should be replaced.
  • Differential noise – When making a slow-speed turn, you can sometimes hear noise coming from the rear of the car. That noise quite possibly is coming from the clutches in the limited-slip differential. One possible solution is replacing the differential fluid with special oil from BMW. If you have a higher mileage M3, you may have to replace the differential to eliminate the noise.
  • Fuel pump failure – In older M3 models built in 2006 and earlier, the fuel pump may not get enough fuel to the engine and possibly no fuel at all. In either case, the fuel pump must be replaced.
  • Blower final stage fan resistor failure – When the heater fan acts up (won’t turn on or off, or fan speed varies) the fan resistor has failed and needs to be replaced.

These are some of the more common problems you’ll face as an owner of a BMW M3, and if you need BMW service in Chicago, call VFC Engineering today to schedule a service appointment. 

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