Engine Oil Myths

If you don’t know much about cars, it’s easy to believe everything that you hear regarding proper maintenance. As providers of many different car services, such as Volkswagen service in Chicago, we take pride in educating our customers about taking care of their cars to get the most life out of them. Here are some common myths that we hear and why they aren’t true.

You Need Your Oil Changed Every 3,000 Miles

While this used to be the case in the past, engine technologies have greatly improved. Plus, many new vehicles also have oil life-monitoring systems to help alert the owner when it is time to have the oil changed. This technology helps monitor engine revolutions, operating temperatures and other factors to help determine when it is right for you to get your oil changed.

Supplemental Additives Will Benefit Your Oil

There are many commercially-available supplemental additives that you may be tempted to add into your oil. Instead, your oil should already have all of the necessary additives to make sure that your engine is running smoothly.

Synthetic Engine Oils Can Cause Leaks

There is a misconception that if you use synthetic oils, it can cause leaks in your engine. However, it has not been shown that this is the case; it does not deteriorate engine seals or gaskets, rather, it could help find an existing leak.

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