How Heat Impacts Your Car

We all associate the brutal winter months with wreaking havoc on our vehicles, but what about the summer heat and the damage that it can cause? The popularity of necessary BMW, Mini Cooper and Porsche service in Chicago increases when the weather is at the extreme. Here are some examples of just how impactful the warm weather can be on your car.


Your tires are one of the most important aspects of your car, and they help get you where you need to be safely. Just like the cold weather can take a toll on your tires, the hot weather can cause the rubber to become damaged. This is especially the case if your tires are not inflated properly. The extreme heat can cause your tires to become dry and potentially cause a blowout. Make sure that your tires are in good shape and that they are not too worn out in particular areas.


Have you noticed that your car’s fuel economy is not great during the summer? This is because gas evaporates faster when it is warm out than when it is cold. Try to keep your car inside a garage or in the shade to help improve gas mileage.


Take care of your car’s battery at all times, but especially when the temperatures begin to rise. Your car’s battery is composed of water and acid, so warm temperatures cause the water to evaporate faster than normal. As mentioned above, keeping your car in the shade as much as possible is always a good idea.

If you notice that your luxury car is not running well, make sure to schedule Porsche service in Chicago to address the problem!

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