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It’s Spring: Time to Wax Your Car!

Now that the temperatures are consistently above 45 degrees and the sun is shining, now is the perfect time to pull out your car wax and rag. Not only does your car look good after you are done waxing it, but it also can extend the life of your car! At VFC Engineering, we are providers of BMW service in Chicago as well as overall car tips to help those in the Chicagoland area to get the most out of every vehicle that they drive.

Here are some benefits of waxing your car

  • Protect paint from airborne contaminants: Don’t underestimate the number of airborne contaminants that are floating around at any given time. For example, salt or tar particles may be thrown into the air on a windy day. You may think that your car is protected, but these small particles can become embedded into your car. Wax creates a protective barrier so that these particles have no impact.
  • Prevent chipping: Your vehicle is bound to encounter objects flying at its exterior every so often. Whether it be a rock, a stick or hail, do your part to make sure your vehicle stays in good shape by waxing.
  • Filling in scratches: Waxing itself will not get rid of the small scratches that are on your car, but it can help make them less noticeable
  • Easily remove impurities: Putting a thin layer of wax on your car makes it more difficult to remove impurities such as bugs that may compile as you drive.

Maintain a Regular Schedule

Don’t wax only once in a blue moon. Waxing is an easy thing to do to help protect your car and make it look amazing! A simple way to know if you need to wax again is whether or not water is beading on the surface of your car. If it’s not beading, you need another coat of wax.

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