How Heat Impacts Your Car

We all associate the brutal winter months with wreaking havoc on our vehicles, but what about the summer heat and the damage that it can cause? The popularity of necessary BMW, Mini Cooper and Porsche service in Chicago increases when the weather is at the extreme. Here are some examples of just how impactful the warm weather can be on your car. Tires Your tires are one of the most important aspects of your car, and they help get you where you need to be safely. Just like the cold weather can take a toll on your tires, the hot weather can cause the rubber to become damaged. This is especially the case if your tires are not inflated properly. The extreme heat can cause your tires to become dry and potentially cause a blowout. Make sure that your tires are in good shape and that they are not too […]

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Engine Oil Myths

If you don’t know much about cars, it’s easy to believe everything that you hear regarding proper maintenance. As providers of many different car services, such as Volkswagen service in Chicago, we take pride in educating our customers about taking care of their cars to get the most life out of them. Here are some common myths that we hear and why they aren’t true. You Need Your Oil Changed Every 3,000 Miles While this used to be the case in the past, engine technologies have greatly improved. Plus, many new vehicles also have oil life-monitoring systems to help alert the owner when it is time to have the oil changed. This technology helps monitor engine revolutions, operating temperatures and other factors to help determine when it is right for you to get your oil changed. Supplemental Additives Will Benefit Your Oil There are many commercially-available supplemental additives that you […]

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Cold-Weather Car Tips

The negative Chicago temperatures can take a beating on your car, especially if you don’t give your car the TLC it needs to thrive. As providers of VW service in Chicago, we understand the importance of protecting your car from cold temperatures. After all, the last thing that you want to happen is to get stranded on an empty road with a dead battery. Take these preventative care tips into consideration before you get behind the wheel once again. The Battery is Crucial Did you know that when it is 0 degrees, your car’s battery only has half of the power that it has when it is 80 degrees outside? This is why it feels like your car is working harder to run when it is so cold outside. If you want to check on your battery, remove the plastic cap from the top and check to see that the […]

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VW service in Chicago

2011 BMW X5: Brake Price Comparison

From time to time, we like to survey other shops or dealers to make sure our prices are just that—fair for you and fair for us. We recently called four auto repair shops that specialize in European imports to find out what they charge for brake service on a 2011 BMW X5. We were pleased with the findings…

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Audi A8 Chicago

Don’t Pay Twice for the Same Repair

The only thing worse than paying for a repair on your vehicle is paying to do it again a second time.

Such was the case last month with one of our clients. He brought his 2005 Audi A8 in for general service but mentioned that he needed to top off his oil more than usual.

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